Don 2010 character
First appearance 29th August 2010
Last appearance 2nd September 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by James Boyland

Don was a friend of Kylie Turner’s and was traced by Steve and Becky McDonald to the refuge he had lived in with the young girl when she went missing. Don asked for money to tell them an address where she might be found and more for telling them what Kylie’s “little secret” might be. Steve offered another £10 and Becky brought the negotiations to a successful conclusion by pinning him by the neck against a wall until he agreed. He then revealed both the address and the fact that it was the home of the foster parents of Kylie’s young son, Max.

After returning and staying at the Rovers for a couple of days, Kylie caught sight of Steve’s unused motorbike and tipped Don the nod. He arranged its theft and later paid Kylie her cut of £275 in cash.

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