Donald Hunt
Occupation Bank manager
Born c. 1933
Died 4th February 1963
Spouse(s) Blanche Linfield (1953)
Children Deirdre Hunt (1955)
Played by Unseen

Donald Hunt was the husband of Blanche and the father of Deirdre Barlow. After just ten years of marriage, he died - aged 29 - on 4th February 1963 when he was run over by a black Ford Prefect, a tragedy which his seven-year-old daughter witnessed.

In the third episode of Ken and Deirdre's Bedtime Stories it was revealed that Donald was a snorer, and that Blanche used an 'Anti-snoring device' on him consisting of two tennis balls inside bra cups, which had apparently worked. Deirdre attempted to use this method on her husband Ken Barlow, however to no avail.

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