Donna cox
Donna Cox
First appearance 15th February 1989
Last appearance 7th May 1990
Number of appearances 2
Played by Jenny Sixsmith

Donna Cox was a schoolfriend of Tracy Barlow. In February 1989, Donna teased Tracy that the Valentine's card she was smarting over was from "little fat prat" Colin Pearson, saying she could tell his writing, however Tracy claimed that it was actually from Reggie Clough. Tracy was tight-lipped on whether she'd sent Reggie a card, while Donna crowed that she'd spent 40p on a card for him and signed it with all her love and kisses. The girls then went upstairs to listen to music, although Donna seemed less than impressed when Tracy suggested her Bros LP.

Over a year later, Donna accompanied Tracy, Deirdre and Dave Barton to Knowsley Safari Park. Seeing Dave and Deirdre being affectionate with each other, Donna asked Tracy if they were going out, to which Tracy replied that he was just a friend.

The character was credited as "Donna Cox" in Episode 2910 (15th February 1989) and "Donna" in Episode 3066 (7th May 1990). Less than a month later, Jenny Sixsmith appeared as Debbie Dawson, another schoolfriend of Tracy's.

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