Donna Parker was a canteen worker at the GPO where she gained the attention of Alf Roberts. Knowing that Alf was in charge of the sorting office, Donna asked him to retrieve a letter that she regretted posting, a request Alf felt he had to refuse as it would mean breaking the law. The letter in question told her lover's wife about their affair, and when the woman received the letter, Donna's lover threw her out of the flat he'd bought her. Donna turned to Alf, as a friendship had developed between them, and he readily agreed to take her in as he felt responsible for her losing her home.

Alf became infatuated with Donna and they soon shared a bed. However Donna was only interested in Alf for what she could get out of him - when she told him she was moving into a flat in a slum area, he wouldn't hear of it and insisted she stay with him. Donna told Alf that she had always dreamed of running a hairdressing business. Alf dipped into his savings, producing five hundred pounds to start the business with. Donna then vanished from Alf's life for good, though Alf was unwilling to press charges against her, believing that the incident had taught him a lesson.

In February 1976, Len Fairclough met Donna by chance at the Gatsby Club and, recognising her as the woman who had fleeced his friend Alf, decided to continue the association and get Alf's money back. As Donna was interested in buying premises for another salon, Len tried to interest her in The Kabin flat. She also inquired about 20 Victoria Street, suggested by Ray Langton, but reached a deal with Rita Littlewood to pay a £500 deposit out of a total £3,500 for The Kabin flat. It was only after she'd handed over the money that Len summoned Alf to return the money - but to his astonishment, was told by a furious Alf that Donna had already paid back the £500 and had given him a diamond watch as a thank-you.

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