Doreen Heavey 1999
Doreen Heavey
Occupation Beautician
Born 13th January 1953
Residence 2 Douglas Road
Spouse(s) Derek Heavey (1972)
Children Maxine Heavey (1975)
First appearance 2nd July 1999
Last appearance 8th November 2004
Duration 1999, 2002-2003, 2004
Number of appearances 75
Played by Prunella Gee

Doreen Heavey (née Outhwaite) was a former beautician and the mother of Maxine. Her husband was truck driver Derek, although the marriage was not always a happy one. She left him in 2002 and moved in with Maxine and her husband Ashley at 4 Coronation Street.

Brassy Doreen had a brief relationship with Mike Baldwin in the same year, and drunkenly became engaged to Fred Elliott, before being reconciled with Derek in 2003.

First and last lines Edit

"'Allo, luv! So this is Ashley!" (First line)


"What was it you wanted to tell me?" (Final line, to Ashley Peacock)

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