Doreen Lovell
Doreen Lovell
Occupation Shop worker
First appearance 18th February 1980
Last appearance 20th February 1980
Number of appearances 2
Played by Sally Grace

Doreen Lovell came for interview at The Kabin to fill in for the missing Rita Fairclough who had walked out on Len, leaving Mavis Riley to cope in the shop on her own. Doreen didn’t seem impressed with the premises, saying it was pokey and there was not much room. She also commented on the salary offered, saying wasn’t a fortune but she was “gracious” enough to accept it for the time being. She made it clear to a nervous Mavis that she had ambitions to be manageress and was told her she had another person to interview before making a final decision, but at that moment, Len entered and gave her the job on the spot.

Doreen arrived late on her first day and immediately started bossing Mavis about. She told her that what she really wanted was a job in a dress shop with a select clientele. Something of a snob, she was flattering with Mike Baldwin but was arch with Eddie Yeats about browsing over the magazines without buying. Mavis saw an advert in newly-delivered evening papers for a gown shop in precinct and suggested to Doreen that she ring up. Gaining an interview, Doreen rushed off and got the job but said that wouldn’t take it as wasn’t fair to Mavis to leave her short-handed. Mavis gained some courage and told Doreen that it was fate and she was to go for the job she really wanted. Doreen took her advice and left. A delighted Mavis did a very uncharacteristic twirl of delight as her overbearing colleague walked out of the premises.

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