Doreen Warburton was the sister of Pat Bradley who was called upon to take care of her niece Jenny after Pat died as a result of her injuries sustained in a hit-and-run accident on Albert Road in January 1986.

The Policewoman who called into The Kabin to break the news to papergirl Jenny took her to Doreen's house in Clegg Street but the arrangement was short-lived however as later the same day, Social Worker Don Worthington called into The Kabin looking for Rita Fairclough - who had previously fostered children with her husband Len - in the hope that she would take Jenny in. He explained to Rita's assistant Mavis Riley that Jenny was currently placed in Larchfield Children's Home as her aunt was unable to cope with her as well as her own three children and there were no other relatives in the area.

As Jenny had just started to settle into 7 Coronation Street, Doreen called to the residence asking for the key to the house. Even after explaining that she wanted to sort through her sister's personal possessions before Council officials went through the property in order to re-let it, Jenny saw that her aunt just wanted a reason to pry, refused to hand over her key and sent her away with a flea in her ear.

On the day that Pat's funeral took place, Doreen called round to No.7 once again in order to obtain the key to her sister's house. She lambasted Rita for allowing Jenny to go to the pictures with her friend, and went on to explain that her husband put his foot down with regards to them not looking after their niece. Rita also refused to give in to Doreen's demands for the key and told her that everything should be sorted out officially through social services' officer Mr Worthington.