Doris Babbage
Doris Babbage
Spouse(s) Eric Babbage
First appearance 1st March 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Helen Fraser

Doris Babbage was the widow of Eric who died unexpectedly in February 2013. She turned up at the Rovers with solicitor Andy Wolfe the following month after reading an announcement of his death in the Gazette which had been placed by "loving fiancée" Gloria Price.

Whilst Gloria was busy planning a lavish funeral for Eric, his solicitor telephoned and informed her that he would be calling round at lunchtime to discuss details of the will. Upon his arrival, he apologised for being late, explaining that he had to pick up Doris en-route...

It was revealed that not only did Eric and Doris never divorce, she was due to inherit his whole estate as Eric hadn't changed his will in years. Claiming that Eric had a penchant for gullible women and Gloria was merely the latest, Doris refused to entertain financing Gloria's arrangements, threatening to give Eric a pauper's funeral and walked out of the Rovers with the solicitor - gleefully announcing that she was off to Antigua the following morning.

Gloria's granddaughter Eva eventually shamed her into downgrading the arrangements slightly so that they could pay for the funeral between them. Eva sold a necklace that Eric gave her and Gloria sold her engagement ring so that they could give him the send-off they felt he deserved.

In May, Gloria guiltily admitted to daughter Stella that she'd inherited the sum of £80,000 from Eric's estate.

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