Dorothy 8119
Residence Twelve Oaks Care Home
First appearance 6th May 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Margaret Jackman

Dorothy was an old acquaintance of Sylvia Goodwin’s who had been a resident in Twelve Oaks Care Home with her before Sylvia moved in with her son, Roy Cropper, in 2011. Dorothy had written to Sylvia saying that she wanted to see her and she duly came.

Sylvia found that the home had improved considerably since she was a resident and cynically put it down to there being a new warden. Dorothy had changed rooms in the establishment and in doing so had come across a letter dated December 2011 that was addressed to Sylvia. She recognised the handwriting as being that of her ex-husband St. John Cropper and in reading it discovered that he wanted to see his son.

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