Dorothy rankin
Dorothy Rankin
Occupation Committee member
Residence Weatherfield
First appearance 3rd November 1975
Last appearance 9th June 1976
Number of appearances 3
Played by Julia Lang

Dorothy Rankin was a member of the Community Centre committee in the mid-1970s. She worked alongside Alderman Chapman, Alf Roberts and Ernie Bishop among others.

In November 1975, Dorothy was on an interview panel when Ken Barlow applied for the position of Community Development Officer. Her questions to Ken mostly concerned his ideas for getting younger people involved in the community, and she seemed impressed with his eloquent answers.

Six months later, with Ken now a member of the team, Rankin and Chapman were put in a difficult position when they received complaints about Ken living with a married woman, Wendy Nightingale. They agreed that it wasn't gossip they wanted associated with the centre and told Ken in no uncertain terms that if he didn't give up Wendy he would lose his job. Wendy later left Ken for her husband Roger but Ken was annoyed that the committee had tried to control his private life and took two weeks holiday to decide whether he wanted to continue at the centre. Ken later decided to stay, but only because he had to remain in Coronation Street to care for Albert Tatlock.

The character was credited as Mrs Dorothy Rankin in her first appearance and as Mrs Rankin in her two 1976 appearances.

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