Doug Murray is one of the few people to have succeeded in getting one over on Mike Baldwin. It appears Doug had previously owned a thriving business restoring classic autos but fell on hard times. He lost his business, house and trophy girlfriend and ran from his debtors to the Middle East for a time.

He decided to try his luck in Weatherfield upon his return, working at MVB Motors and initially staying with his sister. The Inland Revenue soon caught up with him and he had to declare bankruptcy. Down and out, he left his sister's home due to a personality clash with her husband, and drifted from house to house - at one point sleeping in a rusty clapped out old camper van.

He dated Deirdre Barlow for a while and also flirted with Denise Osbourne and Audrey Roberts - and endured a teenage crush from Tracy Barlow. Finally, seeing very few options open to him, he vanished one day in Mike Baldwin's Jaguar and the last he was heard about, he had sold the Jaguar in Germany.

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"And you can't fight your karma, or your kismet." (First line)

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