Born in Swansea, Wales on 14th June, 1925, Douglas Hurn was an actor, producer and director who carried out the latter role on Coronation Street with 16 episodes to his credit between May 1964 and February 1965.

Amongst his other credits as a director are episodes of techno-thriller R3 (one episode of which featured Cyril Luckham), Knight Errant Limited and Biggles. As a producer he was responsible for the 1955 television version of Children of the New Forest, and he also played the part of Anthony Marston in the 1949 television adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel commonly known as And Then There Were None. He died in Essex on 22nd September 1974, aged forty-nine.

Episodes directed by Douglas HurnEdit

1964 (14 episodes)

1965 (2 episodes)

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