Douglas Wormold
Occupation Property Landlord
Father Alfred Wormold
First appearance 28th January 1974
Last appearance 30th January 1974
Number of appearances 2
Played by Michael Elphick

Douglas Wormold was a landlord and letting agent who took over the family business from his father Alfred around 1974. Although a younger man, Douglas was just as ruthless and just as unpopular with his tenants as his father.

By the early 1970s, the Wormolds had lost much of their portfolio in the slum clearances. Rather than oversee the slow decline of his family's power and influence, Douglas became the frontman of a London development and began buying up properties in the Weatherfield area, with the intention of redeveloping the area and building new homes, flats and offices. The plans were submitted to the council for approval, and in the meantime Douglas made offers for The Kabin and the Canal Garage. In January 1974, when Elsie and Alan Howard moved to Newcastle, he bought their furniture so that he could let 11 Coronation Street to Ken and Janet Barlow furnished, making it easier to get them out.

When the residents learned about the redevelopment, a split was formed in the community with home owners generally in favour of it and tenants against. As he owned three local properties, Len Fairclough was a major proponent of the development, resulting in the residents of his ward forming an action committee against him. Len agreed to sell all of his properties to Wormold, including the Kabin for £5,000 - £1,000 more than it was worth. However, as the Kabin had been transferred into Rita Littlewood's name to protect it when Fairclough and Langton was faced with a VAT bill, it was Rita's shop by law and not Len's. After Rita tore up a cheque for £1,000, Wormold offered to sweeten the deal by fixing her up with a new job but she still turned him down. Billy Walker too refused to sell up, having just recently bought the Canal Garage from Alan Howard.

In early February, the council voted down the development and the proposal was thrown out. Having endorsed Wormold thus far, Len voted against the scheme, supporting his voters after all.

It was stated in dialogue that Douglas was Mr. Wormold's son although it was not specified whether it was Alfred Wormold or his brother Edward. In keeping with the assumption that references to "Mr. Wormold" in the 1960s referred to Alfred, who was the first and last brother to appear, it is assumed here that Douglas is the son of Alfred. If so, his mother was possibly Amy Wormold, who was referred to in Episode 681.

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