Dr. Akhtar
Occupation General Practitioner
First appearance 15th July 2013
Last appearance 22nd January 2014
Number of appearances 4
Played by Vinny Dhillon

Dr. Akhtar was a general practitioner operating from the Rosamund Street Medical Centre and was a replacement for Matt Carter when he left the area. One of her first patients in July 2013 was Hayley Cropper who had undergone a standard health check which revealed abnormal liver functions. Dr. Akhtar booked her for an ultrasound scan at Weatherfield General but assured her that there could be several causes for the symptom and told her not to worry.

A few days later, she came back for the results which showed a blockage in her bile ducts and she needed a CT scan. Hayley demanded to know what the doctor thought the cause could be and was told that it could be cancer.

The scan confirmed pancreatic cancer which proved to be inoperable. Hayley deteriorated over the next six months though she packed as much as possible into her time left and was only bed-ridden for the final few weeks of her life. During that time district nurse Harriet Steele felt that her morphine dosage should be increased and summoned Dr. Akhtar who agreed, while at the same time assuring Hayley that she wouldn't give her so much that she would no longer be aware of her surroundings.

After Hayley died on 20th January 2014, it was Dr. Akhtar who issued the death certificate, telling Hayley's widower Roy that she was simply too weak to carry on and her body shut down. Either her cursory examination failed to detect that Hayley had actually died by drinking a lethal cocktail of drugs or she felt it best to keep quiet about the fact.

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