Dr graham
Dr. Graham
Occupation General Practitioner
First appearance 3rd March 1961
Last appearance 18th October 1961
Number of appearances 9
Played by Fulton Mackay

Dr. Graham was a rather stern and straight-talking Scottish GP who attended to the medical crises of the residents of Weatherfield in the early 1960s following the retirement of Dr. Tinsley to Bournemouth. A wry humour combined with a common sense approach to problems went a long way in enabling him to deal with patients such as Ena Sharples.

In August 1961, Dr. Graham panicked when he misplaced a box of sleeping pills while on a call-out to 3 Coronation Street to tend to Nancy Leathers, who had suffered a heart attack. The box was found by schoolgirl Lucille Hewitt who swallowed a pill before the box was recovered.

Dr. Graham also checked over pregnant Linda Cheveski when she fell down the stairs and got on Ena Sharples's bad side when he confirmed that Ena had not broken her ankle as she insisted but only twisted it, so therefore she could be moved out of the Glad Tidings Mission Hall.

List of appearancesEdit


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