Dr tinsley
Dr. Tinsley
Occupation Weatherfield GP
First appearance 30th December 1960
Last appearance 13th January 1961
Number of appearances 2
Played by Cyril Luckham

Doctor Tinsley was a Weatherfield GP in the early 1960s. Ena Sharples and Albert Tatlock were among his patients.

When Ena walked out of hospital before she was cleared following a collapse in 1960, Dr. Tinsley visited her at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall to check on her, and told her she had senile decay. In early 1961, when Albert had a collapse, Dr. Tinsley made a house call and told Albert he should have somebody to look after him.

Within a couple of months, he retired to Bournemouth, mostly for the air for his sick wife, and Dr. Graham took over his practice.

Dr. Tinsley was played by Cyril Luckham and appeared in Episodes Episodes 7 and 11. He was the first Doctor to appear in Coronation Street.

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