Dr bannerman
Dr Bannerman
Occupation Doctor
First appearance 12th April 1991
Number of appearances 1
Played by Tyrone Huggins

Dr Bannerman was on duty at the blood centre in April 1991 when Jack Duckworth went to establish whether having different blood types meant that his wife Vera wasn't related to her purported father, Joss Shackleton. Jack ended up giving blood himself when a donor, Harry, made him feel guilty for taking up the doctor's time on such a trivial matter.

Catching the doctor as he was passing, Jack (badly) described his problem and was told that Vera wasn't to worry and that Joss could still be her father. Jack was disheartened by the news as he'd been hoping to prove the opposite so that he'd have an excuse to turf Joss out of 9 Coronation Street.

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