Consultant 7708
Dr Barton
Occupation Doctor
First appearance 7th October 2011
Last appearance 26th October 2011
Number of appearances 2
Played by Meriel Scholfield

Dr Barton was a consultant based at Weatherfield General who saw Chris Gray about his brain tumour in October 2011. She questioned him about his ongoing symptoms which he said had got better. She responded by telling him the good news that his tumour had probably decreased and his chances of survival were good. Several weeks later, she confirmed that his radiotherapy had indeed shrunk the tumour and that he would make a full recovery, much to his horror as he wanted to use the fact that he was dying to get pity from his ex-wife Cheryl, with whom he was seeking a reconciliation. Chris then began to lie about his tumour and pretended he was attending further radiotherapy sessions, however when Lloyd Mullaney arrived to pick him up at the hospital, the receptionist told him that Chris didn't have an appointment and that Dr Barton wasn't working that day, leaving Lloyd confused.

The character's name was revealed in dialogue in Episode 7733.

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