Dr Cunningham
Dr Cunningham
Occupation Surgeon
First appearance 18th July 2004
Last appearance 16th August 2004
Number of appearances 3
Played by Geoff Holman

Sunita Parekh was somewhat relieved in July 2004 when she discovered that she wasn’t pregnant with Danny Baldwin’s baby as she had thought she was, although she was puzzled by her continuing dizzy spells. Employer Dev Alahan was alarmed when she passed out in the Corner Shop and insisted she get medical treatment. The first appointment with a doctor confirmed that lack of pregnancy but was unable to explain her condition. Blood tests also proved inconclusive and Doctor Patel suggested that Sunita see an Endocrinologist. Dev went with her to see the results of later tests from Dr Cunningham. He told them that they'd subsequently discovered that she had a benign tumour on her pituitary gland which made her produce too much prolactin, giving the illusion of symptoms of pregnancy. The condition was not serious however the tests also showed that she had an cerebral aneurysm which was potentially fatal and she was booked in for an operation in August.

Dr Cunningham was the surgeon who carried out the operation at Weatherfield General, explaining to Sunita beforehand about the techniques that they would be using. Many hours later, with the operation taking longer than he thought it would have done, he returned to Dev to tell him that they were finished, it had all been a success and that he could go and see his (by then) girlfriend.

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