Dr Friar
Dr Friar
Occupation Hospital Doctor
First appearance 12th January 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Gordon Patrick Newell

When Chesney Brown was caught shoplifting in The Kabin by Rita Sullivan in January 2004, she gave him a quick clip round the ear. He then tried to make a quick getaway and banged his head in the attempt. Rapacious mother Cilla Brown saw this as an opportunity to make some money from Rita by claiming compensation for the "injuries" her son had endured following this assault.

The first stage was to get Chesney to the casualty department at Weatherfield General. In front of the Triage Nurse, Chesney played his part to perfection saying he had been feeling dizzy and sick since he was hit and staging a faint into his mother's arms. The nurse then decided that they'd better run some tests on the "sick child" and Dr Friar later came back with the results. Other than some superficial cuts and slight bruising, there was nothing wrong but he gave them a head injury warning card to look for any signs over the next twenty-four hours. Cilla though was more interested to get confirmation that their consultation was on record for when they proceeded to the next stage of their legal claim.

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