Dr Graham (Episode 6645)
Dr Graham
Occupation A & E doctor
First appearance 17th September 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jonathan Cullen

Dr Graham was the A & E doctor on duty at Weatherfield General when the seriously ill Bethany Platt had been rushed in after she had innocently swallowed an ecstasy tablet - A bag of tablets had been lodged inside the head of one of her dolls by uncle, David Platt, who had hidden the drugs as a favour to friend Darryl Morton.

The doctor questioned Bethany's mother Sarah and grandmother Gail about the child's medical history. Sarah explained to the doctor that there had been a gas leak at Bessie Street School that morning and the children were sent home, assuming that to be the cause of Bethany's symptoms. Although uncertain, the doctor was primarily concerned that she may have accidentally swallowed recreational drugs. As the doctor continued to probe the rest of the Platt family, David remained silent. It was not until he realised that there was a possibility that his young niece might die, David confessed the whole story to Jason Grimshaw.

Having established that there was an ecstasy tablet inside her system and that David had exacerbated the situation by making Bethany drink salt water to induce vomiting, Dr Graham and the A & E Nurse were able to stabilise Bethany to a degree and arranged for her to be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit.

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