Dr Hughes
Dr Hughes
Occupation Hospital doctor
First appearance 12th February 2001
Number of appearances 1
Played by Gabriel Swartland

Dr Hughes spoke to the relatives of Susan and Adam Barlow shortly after their arrival at Preston General Hospital following the crash which claimed the life of Susan and caused injury to her son in February 2001.

With Ken Barlow, son Peter and partner Deirdre Rachid along with Mike and Linda Baldwin all anxiously awaiting news, the doctor explained how Susan had sustained fatal head and chest injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, and Adam - although his injuries weren't critical - was still undergoing tests as he'd sustained a bump on the head, fracture of the left arm, concussion and minor cuts and bruises.

Dr Hughes stated that Adam was unconscious on admission and it fell to Ken to break the news of his mother's death and formally identify Susan's body in the hospital's mortuary. Adam was subsequently discharged the following morning and was taken back to Weatherfield to begin recuperation.

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