Dr Jones was a new, young, female GP whom Jack Duckworth visited in April 1998 after experiencing pain in his legs. Jack initially assumed that he'd entered the wrong surgery as he was a patient of Dr Thackery, but Dr Jones informed him that she was Thackery's successor in the practice as he had passed away eighteen months ago. Reading through his notes, it was apparent that Jack had not been to the surgery for about two years.

Dr Jones decided to perform a thorough examination and asked Jack to undress down to his underclothes and put himself on the bed. Deducing that her patient was also a heavy smoker and after performing a peak-flow test, she told him that his lung function was well below average and the pains in his legs were attributed to narrowed arteries and poor circulation. Diagnosing arteriosclerosis, Dr Jones explained that Jack needed to change his lifestyle since he was overweight, eating the wrong type of foods and also drank too much. Offering him a diet and exercise sheet, she also advised that he had to stop smoking with immediate effect.