Dr Robinson was a locum at the Rosamund Street Medical Centre covering in Dr Gaddas's absence who saw Steve McDonald when he went there concerned over a growing mole on his arm in October 2014. He examined him and told him that its colour and contours meant that it was an ordinary mole and nothing to be concerned about but looking at Steve's manner and demeanour he sensed that something else was wrong. Steve muttered a thanks and was walking out of the consultation room when he paused on the threshold. Dr Robinson told him that an awful lot of his patients did just that - pausing before telling him what the real problem was. He asked Steve to come back and sit down and prised out of him that he wasn't sleeping, was constantly concerned about things which didn't matter and felt that, as far as the people around him were concerned, he couldn't do right for doing wrong. He further elaborated on his relationship with Michelle Connor and that the two of them had no sex life anymore. He put it down to passing forty years of age but Dr Robinson diagnosed depression and suggested counselling. Steve refused to accept the diagnosis and walked out of the room. He lived with his condition for several months and almost brought disaster on several individuals several months later when driving the Underworld staff on a minibus for a night out and crashing the vehicle.