Dr Roper was on duty at Weatherfield General when Tyrone Dobbs was brought in by ambulance. He had fallen through an unsafe ceiling at 9 Coronation Street when thin plasterboards had been unwittingly fitted by Jason Grimshaw. The Doctor told an anxious Fiz Stape that x-rays has been done on her partner which showed he had a broken wrist which needed to be operated on, two broken ribs and lung contusions but aside from that he was a lucky man considering the fall he had had.

The next day, he visited Tyrone before his operation and stopped Fiz giving him a drink of water as he was "nil by mouth". Fiz was nervous that it was too early for him to have the operation considering the other pain he was but the patient himself was eager to get it all done so he could get back to work straight away. He was therefore devastated when told by Dr Roper that he would be out of action for at least eight weeks.