Dr Sharma
Occupation Doctor
First appearance 7th August 1991
Last appearance 16th December 1992
Number of appearances 2
Played by Dominic Hingorani (1991)
Nirjay Mahindu (1992)

Dr. Sharma performed tests on Percy Sugden when he was admitted to Weatherfield General suffering from asthma in August 1991. Percy was found to be allergic to pollen and cats - meaning he could not remain living with his new landlady Winnie Dyson who owned a cat called Fluffy. Percy's former landlady Emily Bishop reluctantly agreed to allow him to return to lodge with her at 3 Coronation Street.

In December 1992, Alf Roberts was admitted to hospital with a suspected heart attack. Dr. Sharma spoke to Alf's hysterical wife Audrey and daughter-in-law Gail Platt, and assured them that he did not believe Alf's illness was connected to his heart. Alf turned out to be suffering ill effects after eating a stack of Christmas puddings in an attempt to silence Percy Sugden's criticisms of his festive stock in the Corner Shop.