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William Gerald
William Gerald
Occupation Hospital Surgeon
First appearance 16th April 2003
Last appearance 18th April 2003
Number of appearances 2
Played by Tom Roberts

Dr William Gerald was the surgeon at Weatherfield General who attended both Katy and Tommy Harris after their treatment at the hands of brothers Andy and Nick Morgan in April 2003. The previous year a third Morgan brother Tom, had been convicted of murder when he shot a man in a Sheffield pub where Angela Harris was a barmaid. She gave evidence against the notorious family and the Harrises were put on a witness protection programme and moved to Weatherfield under the assumed name of "Nelson". The Morgan brothers tracked the family down, armed with a gun, kept Katy hostage in No.6 where she was prevented from taking her insulin by Nick and went into a diabetic coma.

Although the police were present, Tommy charged through their lines into the house when Katy screamed. He was shot through the arm and the Morgans were apprehended. At the hospital Dr Gerald told Angela that Katy was on an insulin drip and should recover within a few hours and be allowed home the next day. Tommy was more serious, the bullet being lodged near a major artery and there was a high risk during the operation he was about to perform. Angela was woken the next day by Dr Gerald to say that the procedure had been a success and that he would be able to go home within a few days.

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