Driver (Episode 6797)
First appearance 16th April 2008
Number of appearances 1
Played by Michael Hibberdine

The unnamed Driver called into Roy's Rolls in April 2008 to ask if a car that was blocking the entrance to the Victoria Court development site could be moved. Becky Granger told the him that the car's owner was in Africa and Roy Cropper said that he wasn't insured to move it. Roy deliberately had the car parked there to make a stand against Tony Gordon, the main investor, for having a part in the removal of a colony of bats that was roosting on the site. The row escalated and a police officer was called.

By this time the driver was angry as he pointed out he was losing time and money by not being able to deliver materials to the site and asked the constable how long it would take to get the matter resolved, but the constable stated that he'd done all he could and would get the incident reported.

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