The Driving Examiner supervised Sally Webster's driving test in August 1989.

Sally had only been taking lessons for a few weeks but went for a test slot which became vacant after a cancellation. She nearly didn't make it to the test centre in time as the car she learned in, belonging to Mark Casey, broke down on the way there, forcing Audrey Roberts to volunteer the use of Alf's Volvo instead. As they didn't have time to inform Alf, he assumed the car had been stolen and called the police.

As the test began, the examiner was not in the most alert of moods; when asking Sally to read a car's number plate, he forgot to say which car. He perked up later in the test when a police car started following them, signalling them to pull over just as the examiner ordered Sally to perform an emergency stop. When the Volvo pulled in behind the car, a policeman came over and arrested Sally for driving a stolen car. The befuddled examiner tried to resolve the situation by suggesting that the policeman may recognise him, and appeared deflated when the man replied in the negative and ordered him out of the car.

Despite the histrionics, Sally kept a cool head behind the wheel and passed the test.