Drunk Maxfield
First appearance 19th January 1977
Last appearance 8th June 1977
Number of appearances 3
Played by Johnny Maxfield

The unnamed Drunk was a local resident who attended several celebrations in Coronation Street during 1977.

The first was a dance at the Community Centre where he was totally paralytic before the night was over and rang for a taxi. Barely able to remember where he was, he hogged the payphone as Ray Langton waited impatiently to use it to see how his heavily-pregnant wife Deirdre was faring.

Five months later, on the eve of the Queen's Silver Jubilee, he staggered uncertainly down the street singing Some Enchanted Evening just after Stan Ogden had moved the street's float lorry on the orders of PC Maskall. The drunk upset some bins and a nearby cat whose yowls of protest didn't add anything to the night-time melody. The next day he came into the Rovers and slurred a request for a pint. Fred Gee enquired if he had had enough but the drunk was insistent that he hadn't - until he saw Annie Walker, dressed for the jubilee float as Elizabeth I, staring imperiously at him and decided he didn't want to bother with a drink anymore!

List of appearancesEdit


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