Drunk Man
First appearance 26th June 1972
Number of appearances 1
Played by Peter Kerrigan

The Drunk Man was a customer at the Victoria Street Working Men's Club on its opening night in June 1972. He took a shine to one of the acts - Rita Littlewood - and tried to chat up her but he didn’t help matters by saying he liked her voice but not her choice of songs, suggesting Moonlight and Roses instead. He claimed to have sung in the clubs himself once but Rita wasn’t impressed, saying she’d remember his advice...the next time that they booked her for The Good Old Days. Not to be put off, he followed her to the other side of the bar, insisting on buying her drinks and getting annoyed when she refused, telling him that it was the smell of his breath that put her off. She asked if he was going to go or would she have to stick her stiletto through his kneecap. Len Fairclough also intervened and told him to shove off and crawl off to his trough. Having finally got the message, the man went away and Len and Rita renewed their acquaintance.

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