Duncan Craig
Duncan Craig
Occupation Student
Residence Glasgow
First appearance 7th April 1980
Last appearance 9th April 1980
Number of appearances 2
Played by Garry Stewart

Duncan Craig was a nineteen year-old boyfriend of Susan Barlow. The two stopped off unexpectedly one night in April 1980 on bikes having travelled by train from Glasgow en route to North Wales to join friends there on a cycling holiday and staying in Youth Hostels.

Although Ken Barlow and Albert Tatlock were delighted to see Susan, they were put out that a sixteen year-old girl was going on holiday with an older lad. Ken inquired how Edith Tatlock felt about the matter and Duncan pointedly said that she was of an older generation who were more stuck in their ways. Ken insisted that the two sleep in separate rooms at No.1 and Albert told him to tackle the pair about the issue. Ken got Duncan out of the way by sending him to help Albert at his allotment and had a father-daughter conversation with Susan, during which he was taken aback by Susan’s show of maturity and her statement that his generation thought of nothing but sex. The two went off with his blessing but Albert’s disgust.

Duncan was a confident young man who had initially gained Albert’s approval when he showed an interest in his tales of the Great War.

Note: At the time of Duncan's appearances, Susan Barlow was stated to be sixteen. Although Susan was born in 1965, the writers at this period of the programme's history ignored this fact but in later episodes, e.g. Episode 2609 (2nd April 1986), she and her twin brother Peter reverted to their correct ages.

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