Duncan Morgan
Duncan Morgan
Occupation Pub landlord
Spouse(s) Julia Morgan
First appearance 11th May 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Mark Heal

Duncan Morgan and his wife Julia were prospective purchasers of Steve McDonald's half-share of the Rovers when he put it up for sale in May 2015. He was conned into doing so by Tony Stewart who, unknown to everyone, wanted the entire establishment for himself and his secret girlfriend Tracy Barlow. Tony had a friend of his, going by the name of Mr Fox, lined up to make an offer and thus was on tenterhooks during the visit by the Morgans that their offer would be accepted instead. He needn't have been concerned as the couple made themselves objectionable to Steve, Liz McDonald and Michelle Connor from the start, criticising the continuance of the handpumps on the bar. Steve pointed out that they were liked by the customers but, to Steve and Michelle's astonishment, Julia said that when they had dispensed with them from their old establishment it had made life a lot easier - only one or two OAP's complained and left, "and who needs them?" Michelle was unable to keep quiet any longer when Julia voiced her plan to get rid of Sean Tully and Sarah Platt from behind the bar and none of them were happy when the Morgans said they would be moving their own furniture in and asked to be clear as to who would live where. Needless to say, the deal didn't go ahead.

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