Ed Ramsey
Ed Ramsey
Occupation Newton & Ridley manager
First appearance 17th July 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Andrew Readman

Ed Ramsey was a senior manager at Newton & Ridley and the boss of rep Dan Jones. He and Dan met a potential client in the Rovers where Dan impressed Ed with his negotiating skills, telling him that he'd "played a blinder". Things turned sour though a few moments later when Dan's girlfriend Liz McDonald entered the pub and threw accusations at Dan that he beat up prostitutes. She had just learned this from Leanne Tilsley who had been one of his victims when she had been on the game some years before. Dan was thrown, even more so a moment later when his daughter Lucy came in and Liz didn't spare her blushes with the grisly details. Both Lucy and Ed realised the truth of the accusations and Ed demanded to see Dan in his office the next morning. He was duly sacked.

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