Eddie Royle
Occupation Press photographer/reporter
First appearance 7th October 1974
Last appearance 10th March 1976
Number of appearances 4
Played by Tom Georgeson

Eddie Royle was a typically sleazy press photographer/reporter working for the Weatherfield Gazette who was involved in three stories involving residents of Coronation Street in the mid-1970s.

In October 1974 he interviewed a happy Bet Lynch who had won a holiday for two in the Bahamas in a "Find the Football" competition run by the paper. Bet later changed the prize to a week in Majorca for her and her friends in the Street.

Eddie was then soon on the scene when Lynn Johnson's body was found in 9 Coronation Street in January 1975. As Ray Langton and Jerry Booth, who had actually found the body, had been taken straight to the police station for questioning no one was able to tell the puzzled residents why there were police both outside and in No. 9 and why a stretchered corpse had been taken away. Royle, asking questions of everyone inside the Rovers, was able to supply some of the answers.

Several months later he reappeared in the area when Hilda Ogden gave a press story about how, like the other residents, she was withholding her rates as a protest. Spurred on by an appreciative crowd as she told hapless council representative Mr Stanton what she thought of his rate demand, she got Eddie to follow her and Stan to the Rovers where all the other non-payers would be for a group photograph. As Eddie raised his camera, Hilda asked for her fellow protesters to step forward and join them. No one did, all sheepishly admitted that they'd caved in and paid up. "We're on our own again, chuck" was Hilda's disappointed response.

Finally, in March 1976, he covered a change of luck for Hilda when she won a trolley dash at Mike Nikopolos's delicatessen. He paid little attention to the winner though as Deirdre Langton had stepped forward to help Hilda when Stan's back had given out and he found it far more interesting to photograph the young lady as she posed in various provocative shots in the incongruous setting of the shop before the dash began.

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