Edgar Nuttall
Edgar Nuttall
First appearance 25th December 1963
Number of appearances 1
Played by Michael Barrington

Edgar Nuttall was the producer of shows staged by the St. Agnes Amateur Operatic Society which flourished in Weatherfield during the Second World War. Many years later, on Christmas Day 1963, he was one the surprise guests as a specially-staged This Is Your Life that was sprung on Annie Walker in the Glad Tidings Mission Hall by Dennis Tanner.

He came on stage singing Only a Rose from The Vagabond King and Annie was delighted to join him in a duet to a firm round of applause from the audience. Mr Nuttall then told everyone how Annie took an interest in the society while Jack Walker was away fighting the war. On the night of the final dress rehearsal for The Desert Song, Mr Nuttall's leading lady had to drop out as she had joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service and Annie stepped out from the chorus with the words "the show must go on". She volunteered for the role of Margot Bonvalet, a part in which she proved to be an "unqualified success".

Credited as "Mr. Nuttall", the character's first name was given in dialogue.

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