When the Rovers Ravers, a ladies bowling team managed by Jack Duckworth reached the finals of an amateur's inter-pub competition, the manager of the opposing team from the Slaughterman's Arms, Edie Bagshawe smelt a rat and started investigating. She turned up in Roy's Rolls making notes at a table as she listened into a conversation between Jack and Roy Cropper and found out that the next team meeting was in the Rovers that night. She turned up there and this time overheard Sonia Marshall telling Frankie Baldwin that team player Hayley Cropper used to be a man called "Harold". She quickly investigated that Hayley, under her previous name, was still listed as a semi-pro for the East Lancashire guild and therefore under the rules of the competition couldn't take part. Jack checked the rules and found out that Edie was right - Hayley should have de-registered from the guild twenty-eight days before the present competition.

The team came up with the ludicrous solution that the team should use the services of a new member - Jack dressed in drag as "Ida Fagg". The idea was accepted as the only practicable one and he duly appeared in a blonde wig and tent-like pink dress as possibly the ugliest "female" ever to tread the cobbles of Weatherfield. Again, Edie was suspicious and when it came to the score being a draw and the final bowl being between Edie and "Ida", she told Jack on the green that she recognised him but he had an ace up his sleeve - he recognised Edie as "Eddie Bagshawe" who he had done his national service with many years ago. Embarrassed, Edie agreed to keep quiet and "Ida" went on to win the match.