Edith Carter appeared in Coronation Street in July 1970 as an Old Lady.

Miss Carter was active on the stage in the 1920s and 1930s. She was the sister of the novelist John L. Carter, the aunt of the mystery and detective novel author Emery Bonett and the sister-in-law of author and playwright Winifred Carter. As well as an actress she was a playwright and one of her works, Lass o’ Laughter in 1922, was co-written with Nan Marriott-Watson who appeared as Ena Sharples in the second of Coronation Street's dry runs.

Other plays she wrote were Treasures in Heaven, Educating a Husband, The Lovely Liar, The Two Mrs. Camerons and Wanted-a Wife.

On television she also appeared in City 68, Crown Court and Bill Brand.

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