Edwin Blakely Ferguson, an unemployed toolfitter, was arrested by the Weatherfield police in August 1972 for being a Peeping Tom i.e. voyeurism. Three of the residents of Coronation Street had been his victims, Lucille Hewitt, Emily Bishop and Elsie Howard. The outraged male residents set up their own vigilante group and caught the man they thought was the culprit - Stan Ogden. He protested his innocence but the menfolk were in no mood to listen and the Ogdens were ostracised. They had to eat their words though when PC Jimmie Conway announced the arrest of Ferguson who they had caught in Bessie Street. One man reluctant to state that Stan was innocent was Billy Walker who stuck his heels in and said he would wait for proof. It came in the form of the story of Ferguson’s arrest being printed in the Weatherfield Gazette. He made a shame-faced apology to Stan and Hilda but they were hurt by the reaction of their neighbours and only cautiously returned to the fold.

Ferguson was never seen on-screen and was named when Hilda Ogden read out his arrest details from the "Gazette".

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