Edwin mason
Edwin Mason
Father Frank Mason
Sibling(s) May Hardman
Madge Mason
Spouse(s) Letty Mason
Children Reggie Mason
First appearance 25th January 1961
Last appearance 3rd April 1963
Number of appearances 4
Played by Campbell Singer

Edwin Mason was the brother of May Hardman and uncle of Christine. In January 1961, Edwin visited Christine to pay his respects to the recently dead May and gave Christine £10 to help with the bills. Christine was expecting Joe Makinson to arrive to take her to a jazz concert but Edwin answered the door to Joe and, thinking he was badgering Christine about a plumbing bill, told him to leave Christine alone.

Edwin showed up again on 1st April, when Christine was dating Joe. He had to give his approval of Joe as Joe knew that Edwin was having an affair with Hilda Wardle.

In 1963, Edwin called at Christine's lodgings while she was out and tried to get fresh with her landlady Elsie Tanner while he waited on her, but Elsie was having none of it. He came back again to harrangue his niece for turning down Frank Barlow's proposal of marriage but Christine stuck to her guns, with Elsie's support.

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