Eileen Hutchinson
Eileen Hutchinson
Birthplace Scotland
First appearance 4th January 1971
Last appearance 6th January 1971
Number of appearances 2
Played by Maureen Morris

Eileen Hutchinson was an applicant for the post of housekeeper at 9 Coronation Street when Len Fairclough and Ray Langton decided that they were not competent to carry out the duties themselves. They put an advert in the Corner Shop window and Eileen was the first one to answer it. Len asked to see her references and she agreed she would bring them back at 7.00pm when Ray would also be there. Hailing from Scotland, she was quite proper in her manner and not what the two men had in mind as they had had envisaged a young dolly bird ministering to their needs. When Eileen came back she brought a domestic science diploma and more standard references with her. She checked her immaculately-ordered diary and said that if appointed could start next Monday.

In the meantime Ray had interviewed glamorous Gina Fletcher and was taken by the picture of her in a swimsuit that she provided. They decided to "audition" both candidates to test their skills. Gina was hardly able to get together a competent meal but Eileen put on a superb spread with a fancy display on the table as well. In the end, looks won out and the two men talked themselves into giving Gina the job.

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