Elderly Shopper
First appearance 13th December 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Josephine Antosz

The Elderly Shopper was a customer of Bettabuy who has a run-in with Vera Duckworth who was employed by the store as a shelf-stacker. Vera was stocking the freezer while the old lady picked out a packet. Vera advised her not to buy it as it had been on the top of the freezer for ages and mustn't have stayed properly cold. She further informed her that the item was a Bettabuy own brand and therefore not very good and she should save her pennies. Unfortunately, the lady was hard of hearing and didn't catch what had been said to her but Vera didn't want to repeat herself and risk being overheard by her superiors, so she frustratedly bellowed, "What I'm telling you, I can't shout, can I?" This attracted the attention of store detective Renee Dodds who was browsing in the vicinity.

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