Eleanor Jacobs was the organiser of a soup kitchen that Sophie Webster and a reluctant Sally Webster helped out at on Christmas Day 2013. One of the attendees was troubled teenager Maddie Heath who took exception to Sally's patronising comments about the people they were helping looking so pleased and dunked her face in a trifle. Eleanor told Sophie about Maddie's troubled upbringing and allowed her to serve her her meal after she had been banished from the counter. Maddie further tormented Sally by stealing her handbag and Sophie went back to the hostel the next day to retrieve it. Maddie initially wasn't present and a friend of hers was unhelpful, Eleanor pointing out that the girl knew very well the reason that Sophie had returned. Maddie turned up and as good as admitted the theft but there was little that Sophie could do.

Despite this set-back, Sophie returned to the kitchen a few days later to volunteer for more work, happy to serve in the kitchen and willing to contribute towards the organisation's magazine. Sophie also took an interest in helping Maddie, even though she was rewarded by her breaking into 4 Coronation Street. Eleanor told Sophie about Maddie's mother, who had mental health issues, and her brother, Ben, who was in care. Maddie found about these enquiries and raged at Sophie but also confused her by kissing her on the cheek and then running off. Sophie looked for her again at the soup kitchen but was unable to find her.

A month later, as Sophie and Maddie grew closer, Sophie went to the kitchen and told Eleanor that she was resigning from her voluntary work.

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