Elli jane peters
Elli Jane Peters
First appearance 10th May 1967
Number of appearances 1
Played by Marion Dawson

Elli Jane Peters was the grandmother of Sonia Peters, who was killed in a train crash disaster in Coronation Street in May 1967. Elli waited in the Rovers Return Inn while a rescue team searched through the rubble to find any missing persons, which included Sonia and her boyfriend PC Jimmie Conway. Jimmie was pulled out with minor injuries. Soon after, Sonia's body was found and Jimmie broke the news to Elli.

While she waited, Elli sat in the snug with Minnie Caldwell, who was worried about her friend Ena Sharples. Elli found little comfort in Minnie's reassuring words.

Elli Jane had taken care of Sonia since her mother died when she was 2 in 1949, as Sonia's father played an almost non-existent role in her life.

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