Elsie Duckworth (née Baxter) was the wife of Cliff and the sister-in-law of Jack Duckworth.

Cliff left his wife just before Christmas 1994 to stay at 9 Coronation Street and reconnect with Jack. However, Elsie tracked him down and, just after new year, barged her way into the Duckworths' house. Cliff, having told Jack and Vera that he too was married to a Vera, was shocked. When Elsie introduced herself, Vera said: "I thought you were Vera?" to which Elsie replied "No, you're Vera!" before dragging Cliff home, with Cliff pathetically promising to keep in touch.

Jack was mortified to her that, in June of that year, Cliff and Elsie had died in a car crash while on holiday in Malaga. Vera, who had prayed for money the previous day, was guilt-ridden. Jack visited the couple's home in Rawtenstall a few days before the funeral and although pleased to learn that Elsie's brother Harold Baxter was footing the bill, Jack eventually managed to persuade Harold not to bury Cliff in his beloved camel coat.

When solicitor Mr Deakin contacted Jack the following month, the Duckworths believed that they were responsible for Cliff's outstanding debts but were stunned to learn that they'd inherited £30,000 from the couple's holiday insurance.