Enid crump
Enid Crump
Occupation Barmaid
Born 1919
First appearance 4th February 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by June Broughton

Enid Crump was an elderly barmaid who on 4th February 2010 gatecrashed Betty Williams's 90th birthday party in the Rovers Return Inn to refute the claims in the Gazette that Betty was Weatherfield's oldest barmaid. Enid produced her birth certificate to prove that she was 91 and said she would continue working at The Parson's Arms until she dropped dead. After nursing a milk stout, Enid decided to try one of Betty's famed hotpots but was taken ill the next day as the hotpot was off. Fortunately for Betty, Enid recovered and didn't attribute her ill-health to the hotpot.

 Daran Little and Bill Hill's book Weatherfield Life, published in 1992, makes reference to Vera Duckworth having a friend called Enid Crump in her youth. It is unknown if the two characters are related, although given the age gap it seems unlikely.            

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