Enid Dobson was the wife of Ralph Dobson, sales manager at Ingram's Textiles.

Far from the beacon of support for Ralph in a time of uncertainty at the factory following Peter Ingram's death, Enid was a borderline alcoholic and put additional strain on her husband. When the Dobsons attended a party at Mike Baldwin's flat (No. 6 Quebec House, Weatherfield Quays), Enid was already drunk while guests were still arriving, and ignored Ralph's pleas for her to stop drinking, causing him embarrassment. At the earliest opportunity, Ralph said his goodbyes and took his wife home, dragging her away as she made a slurred goodbye to Mike. As they left, having enjoyed herself Enid asked Ralph why they never had anyone over to theirs!

Attempting to win Jackie Ingram's trust, Mike used Enid's behaviour at the party to make out that Ralph's mind was not on the job and that he would be a more reliable person to run the factory.