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Enid Harrison
Residence 13 Coronation Street
Died 1902
Sibling(s) Lizzie Harrison
First appearance Unseen

Enid Harrison was the first resident of 13 Coronation Street in Weatherfield, along with her twin sister Lizzie. They moved into the house on 17th August 1902, the final residents to move into the Street once the terraces were built. The twins were allowed to live in the house rent-free as they were old friends of landowner Mabel Grimshaw. They had spent most of their lives travelling through Europe, touring theatres and circuses, where they used their stitching skills to make costumes for performers. In Coronation Street, they did not mix with the neighbours and spoke French in public. For all their lives, they did everything together, and slept in the same bed. In December 1902, their train to Stafford crashed and they both died.

Information from "Weatherfield Life" by Daran Little and Bill Hill and "Around the Coronation Street Houses" by Daran Little.

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