Enquiry Officer 8749
Enquiry Officer
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 9th October 2015
Last appearance 24th June 2016
Number of appearances 2
Played by Amer Nazir

The unnamed Enquiry Officer saw Sarah Platt when she came to Weatherfield Police Station in October 2015 to report the death of Callum Logan, having read that an unknown body had been pulled from the canal. Sarah had been attacked by Callum and clubbed to death by Kylie Platt in an effort to save her. What Sarah didn't know was that due to a set of circumstances at the time, Callum had been put into a cemented-over manhole underneath the Platts' garage at 8 Coronation Street.

Sarah interrupted another woman at the desk and was told to sit down and wait for someone to attend to her. Kylie had heard about Sarah's mission and followed her to the station where she begged her not to report the death as she would be the one who would face the consequences. Kylie also told her the body wasn't in the canal and promised to show her his final resting place. Thrown off by that comment, Sarah allowed herself to be led away. The suspicious officer asked if she was okay and Sarah replied that Kylie was right - she had been making a fuss over nothing.

In June of the following year, Kylie returned to the station after her husband David had once more been taken in for questioning over the murder. Telling the Enquiry Officer that she had information, he asked her to take a seat as he made an internal phone call. A short time later, Jason Grimshaw also arrived at the front desk with his late-father Tony Stewart's tool bag, in the hope that the implement used to kill Callum would not be present, and therefore Tony's name could finally be cleared.

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