Enquiry Officer (Episode 7288)
Enquiry Officer
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 5th March 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Archie Kelly

The unnamed Enquiry Officer was manning the front desk at Weatherfield Police Station on an occasion when Gail McIntyre had been brought in for questioning during March 2010 following the death of her husband Joe.

Not knowing what evidence the investigating officers had found, her mother Audrey Roberts and son David Platt arrived independently at the station in order to bring Gail back home.

The Officer pointed out that there was a vending machine in the room, and after hearing Audrey's rather cutting remarks of disdain, went onto inform them that the tea in the staff canteen was no better and he always brought a flask in with him.

Unable to furnish the pair with any information as to how long the interview was likely to go on for, he finally suggested that they should go home - for the simple fact of getting a decent brew whilst they waited.

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